Clubs are not as important.

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I'm currently sitting in my room and crying. Today after school I was supposed to go to a club meeting, but the night before I was so swamped with homework that by the time I was done all I could do was take a shower, scroll on my phone for a couple minutes, and then pass out. I was tiered and forgot about the meeting that was at 2:30, I didn't remember it until 7:30. When I told my Parents that, that I forgot, my dad said, "Not good enough" and then they said how it was my fault, which it was, and the next time it happened I'm grounded, which is fair enough. But it still hurt. I'm still crying. Thats not ok. Its not ok to tell a kid that they're not good enough. I don't care what it is. Your not supposed to tell your kid that when they fuck up, they're not good enough. Especially not to your kid that you all ready yell at and all ready has to go to a therapist. Your supposed to say its ok, and that we'll help you figure out how to not forget again. Its not ok to tell your kid they aren't good enough. And its not ok to get angry when they cry because you fucking told them that they're not good enough.

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