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College Dropout??

Its only been...what, 4 months since i started college? and I already hate it. Im not motivated to do anything and im failing 2 classes. my parents are very strict about grades, they dont know that im failing, but what am im supposed to do when i fail my finals and have to repeat those classes? I have no social life, all I do it school, babysit, video game a little bit, eat, and sleep. My "friends" rarely ever text me, and when they do I feel its because they feel bad for me....anyways, I want to drop out of college, but I don't have any plans for my life. I never planned my life out because I thought I'd be dead by now, or at least motivated enough to get my driver's license and get a real job. i dont know what to do with my life, and if i confess to my parents what I'm feeling, my dad will tell me to pray about it, over and over and over when that doesn't help me bc it feels like Im talking to myself. I desperately need to go back to therapy but a little over a year ago, my therapist said that Im okay and dont need to come back.