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in the afternoon trying to adjust my head gear sound goes through when i listen to a old re run film but when i was wanting to speak with professional the sound and ring would not go through head gear or mic i was infuriated to the fact that i cannot get through to anyone my psychologist still will not correspond with me so i correspond with a neighbour said HEY we correspond about issues and some the neighbour would not get involved in i said i care about college education college education opens more doors than a job that pays piss little money i was not going to change my mind about how i want things done for me i stand in disagreement on the opinion my neighbour had made by stating that my psychologist was out of line especially with how much the college i was going to attend to would cost. what my psychologist tried to do to get me out of this hoarded up house i tell people the past is relevant to where i am now and i feel everything she was trying to do was right but not with the-employment facility that i disagreed apon and had no interest in at all. i felt no one respected my goals or expectations i wanted things done in way that would benefit me and work for me i do not need people telling me how to go about everything if i had wanted to remain in this hoarded up house i would have said so i spent seven in a half year at a community college i never wanted to attend its not my toxic estrange family life its mine . i planned a paved out a path that could possibly get me out of here the part in it had to do with assisting me i waited 10 months in 2018 for someone to finally decide to get around to chauffeuring me to the dmv then curse about it i cleaned and cooked for these bird brains and never got thanked for anything. i dont believe ill be stuck here in this hoarded-up house for long.