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for context, I got accepted to my dream school back in high school but my college counselor messed up my financial aid so I was forced to go to a smaller college. I tried to stay as optimistic as possible but this school really isn't for me. for those living in NYC, its a CUNY school and I really tried to give it a chance but so far the professors ive had were terrible (aside from 2 so far who are actually teaching us in our lectures). I want to major in film so I could learn new things and develop better connections in the industry so I could have an easier time starting my career, which is where my dream school comes in.

the problem is, I don't think its possible for me to even transfer to my dream school because its got no connections with the CUNY I'm attending right now. I don't know what to do and I'm worried that if I speak with my advisor about this, they won't be able to help me.

im still a freshman and I don't have enough credits to be able to transfer but even then, what if im just wasting my time taking these classes and my credits can't even transfer because I'm going to a smaller college in the city?