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college stress n loneliness

I'm going to college! I'm studying what I have been wanting to study since I was a kid and it feels great!.... money is a problem though. I need to commute but don't have a car and every scholarship I've applied for has come back rejected, or I didn't get a response. Anyways I'm stressed cos it starts in less than a month and I don't have the funds! Also my parents didn't want to do FAFSA so I'm screwed in that aspect. I don't have friends, so there's another whammy and I know everyone says I just haven't had luck with people. Nobody sticks around more than a month or two, romantic or platonic, so I just feel kinda hopeless economically and I feel really sad that I don't really have anyone to talk with about stuff like this with. I post here often cos nobody holds conversations with me where I can talk like this and my parents constantly invalidate insecurities and my feelings n stuff so I feel kinda alone. And poor. I'm alone and poor and also out of shape. I need to start working out :/

I guess I just really want a companion. Someone to do stuff with and be able to talk to about ANYTHING and someone who I can be myself with and not be scared they'll leave me.