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if you see this,

please dont ever comment on a girls body shape. dont comment about how chunky their legs are. dont comment anything like "yOuRe sO fAt aLrEaDy wHy aRe yOu eAtInG tHaT". dont say stuff like oH yOuR tHiGhS aRe sO bIg aRe yOu sUrE u wAnNa bE eAtInG tHaT. or things like yOuRe tHe fAtTeSt pErSoN iN tHiS hOuSe. dont. for context i am not obese, or unhealthily overweight. i was slightly overweight when i was 10, but after that my weight has always been normal. i admit that now i am still on the heavier side, and that my legs are not proportionate with the rest of my body, which is something that i have been insanely insecure about for many years. for gods sake my weight is average please stop making me feel like an elephant. btw im a chinese girl and chinese beauty standards mean that they want girls to be skinny and i have never been skinny in my life. always on the larger side. always the chubby one, the plump one. to all the parents in this world, please never insult your childs physical appearance. dont tell them their legs are too chunky. dont tell them their legs are hairy. dont tell them their acne is so terrible when there is literally nothing they can do about it. i have been so terribly insecure about myself for so long. it was a very dark and scary time for me when i looked at myself in the mirror and could not spot one single thing i did not hate. to my parents, you did not see me with scratch marks across my stomach and my thighs. you did not see me avoiding my reflection, you did not see me having mental breakdowns alone, you did not know what a hard time i had. for a year i only drank liquids in school and refused to eat lunch because i was worried about getting fat. when i finally did eat properly i was always scared to finish my bowl of rice, always scared to take an extra scoop of a carbohydrate full dish. i have only JUST started to recover. i have only just started to become okay with what i look like. all it will take is a few more comments like that and im not sure how long it will be before i start down on that path again. so please, to everyone reading this, dont insult anyone's (girl, guy, non binary- anybody) physical appearance. you dont know what they went through. and if theres anyone out there like me, stay strong. we can do this together.

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