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Coming out to my friends

I’m absolutely horrified to come out to my online friends as trans. I know they would accept me, and I know they probably know. They’ve all heard my voice and it kinda makes it obvious that I’m not my preferred gender. But the telling them would also be good. I have no reason to be scared because I know they would accept me. Every single one of them is a shade of LGBTQ. But my coming out hasn’t always been a good thing, and I’m scared to push them away.

I know-

I know they know. And honestly I know majority of their responses would be “we knew” but it’s still so scary to me. I don’t want them to think less of me. It just stressed me out cause I even lied to one of them saying I have medically high levels of estrogen. I know I should have told them from the beginning but it feels like I’m in too deep to tell the truth. Or at least what feels like the truth to me. I don’t know I’m a mess and I’m trying my best.

Help me please