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Coming to terms with my condition and greed.

Just want to put this up. Yes I enjoy being my new greedy little piggy self 😋 eating lots of food, really enjoying myself. Maybe am getting through a big meal. Maybe am thinking about what I want next. I am a glutton eating far too much? Maybe, but I enjoy it & it's for benefit of my health.

Am coming to terms with my condition, am doing the best i can, no point in feeling shame or guilt. Might aswel make the most of my situation & just enjoy all the food! 😋

If it means not getting really ill again.

I rather be a gluttonous fat girl, eating lots of food enjoying it. Happy & alive.

Than be skinny & sick in hospital or dieing.

Just because I tryed eating a "normal" amount.

Hypermetabolism, or overactive thyroid.

My body's metabolic rate is far too high. Far above average. this means it's very difficult for my body actually gain fat/weight and I very quickly loose it, even while o do nothing. So I need eat a lot of food in order to maintain a healthy weight.