Compassionate Human behavior 101

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I have a sort of weird trick that I discovered I could do when I was a kid. Anyone can do it, but not everyone knows they can.

The instructions sound a bit creepy, but it is in no way sinister..

First of all, hold your breath as if you were a kids again, having to both hold your breath and your nose. No air is able to come in or out.

Then try that old trick we would do as kids, pretend to hold your breath, but leave your nose free. You can still breath in this position.

Now just your nose, oinch your nose whilst breathing through your mouth.

Which can only mean one thing, we are able to breath through our mouths AND our noses.

Which can only mean....

that by covering only your mouth with the mask (and not your nose)...

you immediately become....

A fucking moron.