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Complicated situation with my gf

My girlfriend broke up from a distance relationship with her ex couple of month ago, back then she promised him that once university is over they will get back together. Now she is so keen to do so, therefore started dating me.

The problem I have right now is that she hasnt told her ex about it, her ex still thinks that they are getting back together.

Therefore we, us, cant post about ourselves on social media and let friends and fam know, bc ex and his friend might see it.

Gf is saying that she feels like betraying him so she wants to take time to tell her ex about it.

However, Im suffering from the restrictions, and i really want my gf to tell ex about it so we can be free from the limitations.

My concern is that, yes it may feel like betraying but isnt thinking about what we will be like after telling ex not good enough ?

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Re: Complicated situation with my gf

Here we go again with the obvious answer you didn’t want to hear— talk to her. Obviously she doesn’t understand you’re upset at all and thinks things are quite alright the way they are. You should tell her how you feel because she’ll just keep waiting and waiting and you’ll keep suffering silently. Sit her down and tell her how it makes you feel. Tell her you dislike the restrictions and that you see the future of your relationship improving if she just tells him now. She needs to understand that she can’t keep stringing her ex along and sugarcoating life for him just because she doesn’t want him to get hurt and look bad in the process. If she waits, she will only hurt him even more. He’ll continue to be optimistic until the end and be hit with the reality that she isn’t coming back. He’s going to find out at some point so she should just confront him now. He will have more time to heal this way and it will break the restrictions in your relationship. Its been a couple of months and I’m not one to rush, but she’s not the one doing the most hurting. You and soon, he is. Please make sure to let her know that she is making two lives miserable doing what she’s doing. I hope you take my advice, let me know what you think🐰