Confessing my sins.

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I used to yell at my mother when she was alive and was very rude to her. When I was a little girl older people always used to molest me and I would keep it a secret most of the time. Even females. An older cousin licked my vagina as a kid and it was sore for days after. I had a lot of sexual relations with both sexes while growing up. I lied when I was 15 that my friends dad tried to rape me because I didn't like living in their house. I have had sex and sexual relations with so many men I lost count. I prostituted for about a month and scammed some of the clients, to raise money to move out of my country. My current boyfriend thinks he took my virginity. He also doesn't know I had a still born daughter a while back which I tried to abort. I lie to men so that they send me money. The last time I took care of myself from salary or wages was about 5 years ago. I have sinned against my God in doing these and more, and I confess and apologise. These are just a drop in the ocean of my sins. I have had a bad odour from my mouth and doctors can't see the problem. I know it is spiritual and foundational, I and my ancestors have sinned against the Creator of heaven and earth. I pray that as I have confessed, I will to be free from all curses, foundational and otherwise, and live a great life with no reproach. Amen.

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