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I Have a very bad side of me...

i have had a totally bad past, and from my marriage till date i was used by men for their own selfish ways.

my ex used to ill treat me and used me only for sex

i was wooed by one man who only later could not accept reality and wanted me to be there just as a substitute he could not agree to marry me.

life passed meeting jerks and i ended up just sleeping with many guys only to find out later that they could never love a woman

i feel ashamed of myself now. a girl who was so shy now been handled by so many men. my life is totally screwed.

is this a problem with me because i trust people fast, or is it how the world is.?????????

i can't have a good opinion about any man now., because all those i have encountered are real users and jerks.

i feel lonely and i can no more love myself because my past is haunting me and i am not able to even differentiate between the real good men these days...

due to this my whole body feels changes, metabolically physically and mentally disturbed.

is there some cure to this way i feel?

need ur help!!!!!

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Hi lovely, I think it’s probably something we do when we have low self esteem, it’s not your fault, and you learned that it’s not healthy for you and stopped, somehow you can find a way to hold back from getting involved and actively look for red flags,, mostly our childhoods dictate who we are attracted to so if we have an addicted parent we often are attracted to addicted partners- therapy can help.

please don’t hate yourself poppet, just be kind to yourself Xxxxxxxxx

There is a cure to it: fall deeply in love with yourself. That will enhance your self-esteem and self-respect. I say this from experience dear. I still struggle to love myself completely but I respect myself enough to cut any toxic people off. Please, please do not be ashamed of yourself and don't even think your life is screwed. There are so many aspects to life, why focus only on one thing and say life is ruined? There is nothing wrong with you except that you probably have a soft and sensitive heart. Not a great thing to have in this cruel world where too many people are hurt and need to hurt others for some sense of control. I hope you will love yourself and best wishes for you.