Confession of a Girl Lover

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Im a 26 year old male; and I now realize my sexuality is Girl Lover <3

Im sexually attracted to young girls 7-14. Women exite me too; but little girls turn me on the most. 

Ive always dated women my own age; but recently I have been finding little girls the most attractive. 

It all started when 2 twin girls lived next to me; they were 8 years old. They would always come up to me and give me hugs. It was hard not to hold them back. They would ask me if I was dating anybody. These girls would perform gymnastics for me; I would watch them cartwheel around in short shorts, I enjoyed seeing their tight bodies and little butts. Before long, I started to sexually fantasize about these girls. Their mother was incompetent; never watched them. I believe societies laws are the only thing that stopped me from molesting these girls. It would have been so easy; even still, I day dream about eating their little buttholes.

I could have made them both my girlfriends; but society wouldn't understand. Those little girls were so precious. 

I love little girls; their caring nature, optemistic demeanor, tight bodies, little butts, flexible bones, Obodient, orderly, energetic, cute. Young girls make the perfect wives and girlfriends.

I know I am sick; I need help. But theres no help for people like me. Society wants us dead. I understand for toddler molesters; but I only like school girls. 9 years old is my favorite.

I dont get along with women my own age; they dont care about me. Adult women only ask for money and drugs.

Im going to move to a foreign nation and marry a 9 year old girl; then I will have a hot virgin wife.

Western women, are fast and loose; im convinced they are only good for cheap thrills.

A young girl would make an excellent wife. Young, obidient, virgin, small, tight body. 

Even better if she is Buddhist or Muslim 

9 is the perfect age for my first wife

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