Confession time

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I doubt you will be able to find this, after all it's a big internet sea and the possibility of you finding this is miniscule.

Dear reader I have no consolation words for you, I that you reader are beautiful and worth loving, and that I've already taken a lot of your time

But I want to vent. I want to tell the girl I love that I love her, we've been friends for three years now and in this last year I have developed feelings for her. This is my confession before I confess to you.

I love you, I love hanging around with you, I love your laugh, I love your hair. I should've noticed sooner, after all every time you talked about your ex, when you where still together, made my heart sink a little.

I know you may not want this now, or maybe ever and I respect that. If you want to still be best friends that'll be great, if you decide it'll be too akward I'll understand and back off.

Just know that I love you Dayra.

And you reader I love you for staying with me through this confession, I wish you have a great life and I wanted to tell you that you're valid and that no one should tell you otherwise.