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Confessions from larriet haycock

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i think after a while i've realised that.. it's always been him. My one true love. My everything.. michael. A shady saturday evening brought to our meeting he was alone at the gym and i was lifting 200 pounds, he saw me and ours eyes had met, it was love a first sight. he dropped his dumbells and came over to my station to spot me , he told me he wanted to help out with my "problem area". he grabbed my skinny toned waist and my huge bouncy ballon bum was so big it left a 1 metre space between my back and his toned oily sweaty abdominals. One time he told me he would love to have sexual intercourse with my dog, later that same day i asked him to date me and he said no because my huge bouncy balloon bum was keeping us distant. I wish i could of kissed his nipples....

  • love from the one and only mr 305 worldwide pitbull.

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