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Im not really sure how to start ...h

i?? I came on this site to clear my conscience. I do alot of things that im sure im not supposed ro do on the regular. Like masterbate i'd like stop doing so and i felt that i needed to confess. I have also been moved put of honors classes but i cant tell my parents they would be very disappointed in me. Which is why i figure if i keep my grades up all year they'll move me back in honars/gifted like they did two years ago. Thanks for reading.

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Being an Honors student doesn’t mean jack shit. There’s this video on YouTube of a guy who was the valid Victorian for his class but check out his speach. (Being great in school is important, so is having a good job, but it’s also the journey along the way and the friends you make. And don’t do things for your parents approval unless your always gonna live with them. My point about being in honors doesn’t mean shit IB and AP usually means more than honors And it might have more benefits depending on where you go for college and honestly take the dumb high school classes and while in high school take some free college classes an earn college credit.