Confessions of a drunk.

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When I was 18 I meet a very attractive 22 year old girl. She was nice to me and acted like I really mattered to her. This was nice be cause I had just broken up with a girl that I thought was my one at the time. So the new girl, She had been in a long term relationship and was in the process of calling that off. After she told me that she had ended it with him, her and I started dating. I couldn't figure out why she even liked me, we were so different, and all my friends thought she was way out of my league. We dated for around 8 months, her parents hated me. She ended up pregnant. Thats when things went crazy. She we split up, i was all aboard wanted to go to all the doctors visits and stuff. One month in she called me to tell me she was married and that her and her husband are going to raise the baby as thier own. My life shattered. I feel into an insanely destructive downwards spiral. I started drinking heavily, and doing every drug i could get my hand on. I was a kid myself, my dad was never around. I had no idea what to do. My apartment was in the wurst part of town, drugs were super easy to come by, i just set thier and got messed up until time to go to work. This continues for months, I was really lonely by myself in my apartment every day, so i jumped into the wurst relationship ever and moved her in 2 days after we met, just to be less lonely. I didn't know when my daughter was born. My X and her husband moved too another state and she vanished like a ghost. I didn't get to see my daughter for 4 years.see my daughter looks like a female clone of me and that created issues for the X and her husband. They had 2 additional children by this point, and he had cheated on her and had a child outside of thier marriage. So with the stresses in her marriage they had moved back close to her parents and this gave me hope. I quit all the drugs. I did whatever I could to get to see her. So fast forward some time. . . . My daughter lives with me now, i have been at the same job 15 years. Life is better, but i am still a flaming alcoholic, and i cant stop. I am about to loose my wife, my house, my kids with her, and my daughter is about ready to move out. So tomorrow i am putting myself on Antabuse.