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Me and my best friend have been friends for 5 years now, and we agree on almost everything. We have the same hobbies, likes and dislikes on foods, places, games, etc. We talk everyday from the time we woke up until we fall asleep. I've liked him ever since we got to know each other but he had a crush on a different girl(our colleague since we work at the same company and that's how we met) then so I didn't told him about my feelings for him. And then the girl he had a crush on left our company so I gained courage to confess but then he started spending a lot of time with another colleague of ours until they started to have a mutual understanding, so they're doing what boyfriend/girlfriend would do but they don't have a label. Since we all work together I hid my feelings from him and we continue to be bestfriends while he's got a "relationship" with our colleague but when the pandemic started I'm not sure what's their standing now but him and I still talk everyday until it lead to us video calling each other everyday, and sometimes visit each others houses. One time he put his hand on my waist while we were walking which he never did before until recently, and he's more caring towards me than usual so I'm getting confused and thinking if he also likes me. There are times that we jokingly flirt but lately I feel that he really is flirting with me which confuses me more whether he likes me the same way I like him or not. I did try to confess to him recently by writing a letter but I don't have the courage to give it to him since I'm always thinking what if he doesn't like me and he starts avoiding me? I don't want to lose my bestfriend but I want to be more than just a friend to him. Do you think I should risk it and confess my love to him that I've been hiding these years?

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