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Confronting my parents

hello so today after many years I decided to confront my parents about how I wasn’t feeling cared for. I confronted them on how I didn’t feel loved and I ended up crying but my mum opened up her computer and started watching tv dramas while my dad was there by the table eating sunflower seeds. They didn’t even seem to care at all, then my mum started ranting about how they ‘care’, she said that they work so hard to feed me etc. I tried to explain that I was feeling emotionally neglected but as my parents are Chinese and I can’t speak Chinese that well I wasn’t able to explain it well but I’m sure they understood. After listening to me for about 5 minutes my dad cut me off and said they didn’t feel as if we needed to have this conversation and told me to play piano while telling my mum that I was probably on my period. Because of this I felt really sad and I don’t know what to do.

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Re: Confronting my parents

Hello. Feeling that you are not loved enough is the worst, and unfortunately for me, but fortunately for you, that's exactly how I feel. Your parents are making a huge mistake for treating you this way, and don't worry, sooner or later they will realize that. Now, in my opinion there are 2 ways to see this.

  1. Your parents love you, but they cant express that. It might be just the way they are. In this case, if confronting them didn't work, count on your friends and relatives, or your sister/brother if you have one. Stay strong. Redemption day will come!
  2. Your parents are people who just don't have love and caring in their blood. They are making a horrible mistake ignoring your feelings, and must soon understand that raising a child doesn't mean just taking care its basic needs, like food, home, education etc. In this case, count on anyone you can, stay strong, and show your parents the astonishing person you are. This might seem a little childish to you, but maybe you could wright in a diary how you feel, in a way your parents will understand, and "accidently" leave it in an obvious spot so they read it. It might turn out to be really helpful.

Either way, you must stay strong and keep trying. Difficulties only make us stronger :)

PS They don't want to see me on my periods ; )

Hi thanks so much for the comment. I will try some of the tips you included. I will probably not try the diary one because my parents will most likely not understand and confront me about how I am not grateful. I’m so happy that people have actually noticed me. Thanks so much and I hope it gets better for all of us.