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Lately, I've been super confused about my sexuality and my identity. It never crossed my mind before but now its all i can think about. At first I thought I was bi. Then after a week, I thought I was lesbian and the week after that I thought I was pansexual. I'm in an endless cycle and my gender is no different. I am currently female but some times I see these men or non- binary people on the internet and wish to be like them and to look like them. To be their gender. I have no idea who I am and have no idea on who to figure it out. Like where do I start? What do I do to find out who and what I want to be? Is there something I should do specifically? I tried asked my parents but they shut me down. I kinda stuck in one place

(p.s: writing this makes me feel like a smart person cause i'm typing so fast ^_^)

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