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So 2 days ago I saw that my ex has unblocked me on Instagram and then I immediately blocked him, why,idk. A "friend" of mine has sent me a picture of him 3 days ago and also a pic of his "ex" crush. I didn't understand why did she feel the need to send that to me bc she knows that I'm insecure about that girl and him. I was thinking about why did he unblock me, my friends said that there is a possibility that my "friend" and my ex decided to "prank" by him unblocking me and texting me in few days. I honestly hope that that isn't true because I don't think people are that mean but then I remembered that she told one guy, that had a crush on her best friend, that he cannot communicate with her and that's how she ruined their chance of being together. I know my ex is manipulative and has faked everything but is still confused about this stupid situation. Did I do right on blocking him?

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