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I like girls I think I'm lesbian but im confused I don't know if I also like boys, I would like to tell this to my mom and my family but I think They are homofobic and I'm so scared That they reject me, stop talking to me gay tik tok make me feel part of something, also I Love Girl in red is like she knows how I feel I hope one day I can meet her :(

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Re: Confused

Look online. They have a book cover; box, etc that says I’m gay & you don’t know it. Order one & put in room.

Realize so many faiths & peoples teach this is wrong. It’s scientifically not. Sure in Bible it’s wrong; but so is over eating; jealousy, divorce, & pre marital sex. But everyone does those.

So accept yourself. Love yourself. If your family can’t accept that’s cause they were conditioned to be that way. They may change in time. Don’t let that cause you distress. Your the way God made you. Don’t let others prejudices cause you to feel bad about yourself. God loves you. Jesus loves you. I love you. Love yourself.