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I'm back at school and it's a small school. Last year, I left a group of friends because they were girls and I am a guy. I sat on a table with my mate ( a girl), her mate (a girl) and 3 (sometimes 4) other guys because I thought I might be able to at least make school friends with the guys. Sometimes I'd be left alone on that table with the 3 guys. It would be sort of awkward but we'd play games on our phone and almost became school mates. but not mates mates because Im too socially awkward around guys. Corona happened, the year ended and a new one started. Now that table has the 4 original guys plus two more and the two girls have left. Do I sit with the two girls and be back in the situation I was before I left the first table of girls, or do I sit with the guys and probably just have to sit in silence and awkwardness? I am going to University next year and want to make guy mates. Please help I have to sit with one group on Monday and I don't know which.