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I think I’m bisexual, idk, I just know I want to fuck a girl. Like I want her to suck on my nipples and grind her wet pussy on mine. Just thinking about it gets me so fucking horny. I’ve never done it before but I’d want to try. But I’m Christian, doesn’t mean I judge, it’s just a sin like any other for me. And cause I love God, I don’t want to do it. I know he won’t love me any less if I do but I’m thinking, do I really want to open that door. Plus I can’t tell my friends cause I feel like some will look at me different. I feel like I’d look at myself different and go through an identity crisis if I even come out about it. I doubt my family would understand totally either. Or maybe I’m just horny and need dick

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I’m Christian too. There is nothing wrong with being bisexual or gay. That’s something PEOPLE made up. There’s actually a story in the bible where Jesus healed a mans boyfriend. And there was nothing wrong with that relationship in Gods eyes or jesuses eyes. LOVE is what God is all about. Corrupt churches made so much shit up to control things they don’t like.

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Baby just find you a nice light skin woman and eat her wet pussy. I'll promise you will enjoy it. Please yourself. Nothing wrong with licking a lil pussy .

& dont worry about labels or judgement. Just spread them lips & lick her clit.


I dont think he will mind.

Ohmyghad. I feel the same way and I think we share the same circumstances too because I'm a Christian, bisexual, and haven't tried sex with girls too. It sucks fantasizing bout women knowing that it's a sin. Arghhh. I'm so frustrated. I really wanna to that nasty thing with women but God is keeping an eye for me hahah

That was sexy as fuck...my dick got hard reading that....im all In if you feel your just horny and need a dick I volunteer....I volunteer to watch or join if you decide to fuck a girl...ib love that you most likely rub your pussy thinking about pussy all i know im going to keep your post in mind all day long

Shitty ass bitch, get rocking with some licking clits and cunts and pussys. Fuck and grind as hard as u want, and when ur done send me a pic . jk, but uyh, im here if u wanna fuck.