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I’m pregnant and the baby’s dad has turned into someone I don’t even know. When we first met he was really sweet and funny I thought he was a good guy. He mentioned having some issues but didn’t go into detail said he was fine and that it was under control. he was very stable and had his life together or so it seemed. he slowly started becoming more angry and very mean- calling me names and kicked me out of his apartment a few times, he blamed it on his mental issues and ended up in the hospital for about a month. While he was in there we talked on the phone and he seemed to be doing fine was very sweet again. Then he got out, at first things were fine but he wasn’t sleeping for days at a time and wouldn’t let me sleep either he would literally shake me to keep me awake with him. I was spending money on him getting him things he needed since he wasn’t working. He wasn’t very appreciative of that. he started lashing out and calling me names and getting very angry again. Blowing up my phone threatening me and he was talking to other girls online and when I asked him about it he just flipped out called me a bitch and other things and even threatened to kill my family. Since I’ve been pregnant he’s gone back in to the hospital 3 times, and each time it’s been the same thing. He’s nice while he’s in there then he gets out and is Very angry calls me names lies about other girls, he even sent me a picture of another girl and thought it was funny. I’m 5 months pregnant and very stressed and honestly depressed about the situation. he calls me constantly and every conversation is about him and his needs, he claims he wants to raise the baby together and says he wants to marry me. I feel extremely guilty every time I try to end things because I feel like I need to be there for him. He recently shared with me that he was molested as a child. I have been thru things as well but I choose not to be as open about them that’s just my choice. I don’t trust him and I’m just struggling with what to do I worry about my baby constantly and I stress because he asks a lot of me and is always wanting everything to be about him and what he wants. I feel like it’s not his fault because of his mental issues, I’ve tried being there for him especially since he shared that with me, but I also feel horrible because of the way he’s treated me and things he has said. It really affected my self esteem and I feel super emotional probably because I’m pregnant. I’m confused and exhausted

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Re: confused

Unfortunately he may never be a normal partner if he doesn’t get mental health help! He needs to do this as soon as possible and get therapy for a few years. These outbursts of anger will go on otherwise.

I have a brother who went through the same, and it took me 17 years to fully understand what was going on. These people are very troubled and YOU ARE NOT the savior! You will damage yourself if you try. Focus on your baby and keep both of you emotionally safe.