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i have never done this before. I don’t even write in a journal let alone speak to someone about what I’m feeling. I keep it all in my head. I never write anything down or draw or paint or however people express themselves. People go through so many things. We lose someone we love, maybe we never had anyone to love us in the first place, we’re abused, we’re depressed, we feel self hatred. Who knows what someone is going through, it could be anything. I feel something cloudy idk exactly how to explain it. But it’s like your mind is quiet but at the same time so loud, you can’t feel anything yet you feel everything. You don’t know what’s wrong, you don’t know if you’re happy or sad. You just feel cloudy, like a fog rolling in the night. It’s quite peaceful yet so terrifying. I’m so confused.

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Re: Confused

mine is pretty same tbh.

i can't even let go of things,i always have much shhiiits in my head..like it's kindda same. but i write a journal everyday.

sometimes if i feel bored holding pen i maintain a online journal, it kindda helps cuz i find it difficult to tell things to others..so i just type whateva in there.it feels lot nicer than keeping all to yourself.