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Confused about husband

Iam being married since 5 years however I dont understand if my husband is good or bad. I feel like he is abusive always

For ex:

Negative points

1. Does not give me respect

2. Does not give importance to my decisions

3. Does not help at all

4. Always lazy

5.always scolds me with bad words and shows anger and try to beat me( just try to beat or scare me but dint beat )

6. No romantic life

7. Always on mobile or tv

8.no respect for elders

9.never understands my situation

10. Always thinks about money ( he says hes earning only for our sake to live life happily )

Positive points

1.knows how to earn money

2. Brings chocolates ( as I like chocolates )

3. No girlfriends or keeps secret relations with anyone

Kindly let me know if he is good or bad

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Re: Confused about husband

the most important thing is there is trust but in this case the negative are shadowing the positives , i'd say sit down and talk about this , cause communication is really important , tell him to give you more respect and tell him what hurts you by what he does , and take help from you close friends , domt be afraid to talk it out , its one od the best options , you should also ask advice from some other people you know and are close with