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Confused about my sexuality

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I am a female in my twenties and i come from a conservative society. My confusion about my sexuality identiy is because i am sexually attracted to female and emotionally attracted to male. I started watching porn for female and penis dont turn me on at all. I googled and most of the articles said just try out both which is not at all possible in my society. Sex with opposite gender before marriage is considered as a big offence even loving is. So being with same gender will leave me shunned. But i cant just ignore the signs and go on cuz it makes me unhappy. I knew from the start that m attracted to females but i just ignored till my teen years. Idk wtf my sexuality is cuz i dont think i can have relationship with female though am aroused by females. I can be in a relationship with a man but idk if i can have sex. Can somebody suggest anything?

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