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Confused Af

I have crush on boys, and I guess that's normal for girls, right?

But I find interest in hot and sexy female figures. I like it when female actresses have big boobs and large hips. I want to squeeze those boobs and wanna have sex with that female.

But I do not have a crush on these hotties. I only get attracted to their body.

I can say this with confidence as I have a crush on a guy and I get all blushy like in front of him.

Any suggestion on this? I am not lesbian or bisexual, right?

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Re: Confused Af

I am sorry to say this dear but you are pansexual. This means you get attracted to both genders. But do not think of yourself as worthless as we all are humans. We all are different from each other and have different abilities. YOU ARE ALSO AMAZING GURL ;-;

So love yourself always :)