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Confused and bi-curious

I’m recently married after 5 years of dating my husband. He’s the only man I’ve ever been with but he’s been with other people. I recently opened up to him about being a bit confused. And he was very supportive and understanding that we had two completely different experiences growing up. He had a lot of freedom and did what he wanted as a teen and i did not. I was either working or at school and wasn’t allowed to go out past certain times. My husband even said that if the situation ever arose for me to be with someone else sexually that he would understand. He’s very open minded and gets where I’m coming from. On one hand I’m happy I love my husband I’m in love with my husband, on the other hand I have been thinking about another man that I was almost with when my husband and I broke up briefly when we were dating. I cannot get him out of head and I constantly am thinking about what it would have been like to be with him,sexually. I’m feeling mad and guilty because I feel like a terrible person but I also feel relief because this has been heavy on my mind for a couple months so I feel like a weight has been lifted. I don’t want to be with anyone else but my husband but I also am very curious and feel like there’s things I feel like I need to try. My husband also knows that I am bi-curious and again he was very open and understanding and said if there was something I needed to do that I should do it. I just feel like I would feel extremely guilty if I did explore anything with anyone else. I just feel confused.

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Re: Confused and bi-curious

Don’t do it. I was abused growing up. This translated with endless sex till found someone I loved. I regret it now. Wish I’d waited.

My wife never wanted another man. Only one before me; & he tricked her. She gave me the same offer when she had health issues. Just don’t tell her. Nope. I was honorable. She got sick & divorced me after 35 yrs. She thinks she’s going to die (very possible). But I’m not moving on. I’m here till death. Odd thing; I’ll probably be dead in less than a year. We only love each other. Best friends since 22. In love since 23. But she’s so stubborn we will die separated.

If you love him be faithful. Oh I’ll admit in college I climbed in a bed with 2-3 females more than once. I regret it. But once married I was faithful.

In my life I’ve been propositioned by swingers a couple of times. The wife liked my looks. Could he watch. Or just me & her. I passed.

Yes; we have sexual urges. But we can ignore them. I have risk taker gene. Urges to climb mountains & drive 140. I ignore the urges.