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confused :(

all of my life since I haven’t gotten much love from people around me (at least that’s what I think and I mean family etc) I felt like I’ve always kept seeking for love I want to be comforted but I’ve been realizing that’s it’s toxic for me.. I want someone to listen but when someone tries to I push them away I can’t accept that much love and attention but I know that I need it.. also when someone tries to open up to me I’m bad with words I don’t know how I can support them.. the same goes for me opening up to someone.. I would open up to someone then suddenly stop talking about it I just don’t want to talk about anything but I know that I need to talk to someone I need to do something.. also I’m lost about myself lost about future career lost about everything it’s tiring

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Re: confused :(

It's my first time writing like this but i love to help others :). I relate to your situation. I would like to say that there is no such thing as "giving too much love" , i believe the people who give u genuine advice/listen do actually care about you or they wouldn't even bother. Listen to them and even if you feel "explosive "to push them away, just say thank you for your advice/listening and process things in private. Vise versa, when giving advice there are a few phrases u can write down that would help like saying "what's bothering you, do you need to be alone, is there anything i can do, im on your side, tell me more about it"..etc.

As always happy to help, take care : )

i understand how you feel, my family doesn’t show me much affection either and are biased since i’m a girl, so it’s my brothers that get all the love and affection, and about being confused with your career, same, i thought i was sure about what i wanted to do, but my father keeps telling me to wait and that i’d have a change of mind, and i also did a quiz typa thing online and that tells you what careers suit you best, the one i wanted to do wasn’t on the list so i’m quite conflicted now :( just know it gets better, be patient, it’ll all turn out good at the end