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I really want to go to this one university in Australia...it's always been my goal but when I told my boyfriend he got all sad and now I don't know what to do...he wants a serious relationship and I just want to have fun but that would break his heart...he really loves me and I like hima lot too but I want to go out and see the world...meet new people..

Does that make me a bad person???

Accepting all advice

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Re: Confused

You could travel anywhere or conquer the world and your dreams but when your counting ur last days when ur in death bed there should be a soul to hold on to you and help and that's really hard to find than some fun in foreign countries so if u just doesn't want a serious relationship say it don't make it longer as it increases the damage

I had a similar situation the year before I left for college (yep, american). Intstead of going to my dream school, I stayed close. I was in love but I also wanted to experience the world. He cheated. I missed out on A LOT because of it. You are not responsible for his happiness. If you two are truly meant to be, the universe will make it happen. Dont be afraid, you are not a bad person. Go and live life, you only get one shot at it!