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Confused, lost and empty

I don't know what to do in life. I am not good at anything and I still haven't found my passion. I feel so defeated and useless. Or maybe I am just lazy to find it? I finished a degree that I don't like and those four years were hell for me. I told myself that after I graduate, I won't do something that would make me unhappy. But I am not doing anything right now even though I should. I know deep down in myself, that I am wasting my time by doing nothing. But why does it feel like I don't want to do anything? I am aware that I am going nowhere in life with this attitude and mindset. I am aware yet I'm doing nothing about it. My dream life is to just live simply and minimalist where I am prepared to lose everything anytime regardless of what I make for a living. I don't want to get married and have a family, they would just hold me back.

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Re: Confused, lost and empty

Have you thought about tiny house living? You could become a blogger or a photographer and travel in a tiny mobile house. You can adventure out in the world to places that you want to go but you can also make money from your house. You don't have the space for extra things in your life, you can be free and see all sorts of things. If you do decide to settle down you can rent your house on someones property. It is super flexible and affordable. You can save a lot of money living tiny.