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Confused Soul


My boyfriend of 4 years recently told me that he's been cheating on me since 6 months, I feel it's a lie because he said that during one of our many arguments. Now he introduced me to girl who he is apparently dating and is very serious about(which he says, he wasn't about me).

I don't know what to do now. I'm trying to get him back. But since I don't have anyone to speak to at home. I downloaded Tinder where I've met a lot of my current friends (I know it's not an ideal place to make friends). And there's a guy I've been talking to since my breakup. Now he says he loves me. But I don't feel the same way because I'm trying to get my ex back. Help me what should I do?.

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Re: Confused Soul

4 years of being a relationship seems tough to just shatter due to one being unfaithful, honestly it's quite violating to you as a person and as one who loved this person and struck for that long. I do believe feelings sometimes do fade, but even so isn't an excuse to cheat on your partner. Which is why i would like for you to put yourself first and well being and consider highly not to take him back , but do everything you can to put yourself at ease without him in your life. There are cases where some people make mistakes in their relationship but it crossed the line here when his true feelings came out on anger and so on. How does one have an actual head to introduce to the girl you cheated on to the girl you know " love " this dude might actually have something going wrong in his head. This isn't just about him but you too, don't fall low because of a guy who couldn't keep you love. I had a similar experience and it was quite, not ideal to go through but " I deserved better " was what crossed my head. Someone who cheats is just...not worthy of another chance. That's my personal opinion.

This dude you been talking to, ah. Be direct and bold! If you're too kind you'll end up trapping yourself in another future situation like this, they should know some people won't return their own and just respect that so just say you aren't intersted or can't look at them in that way except as a friend in the nicest way huaha. Also it's quite sketchy knowing you're in a vulnerable state with this person so they can just kind of take advantage of this. But truly, i know some people who stay stuck on their ex for months and even year because they can't get over them despite not being a suitable partner for them. Know the hurt they gave you, and move on and prove them you're better without them. Don't stay stuck on a man who didn't stuck with you and head faced problems in the relatinship to prevent this future outcome. With that said i hope you i made you slightly change your mind on this! P.S It's okay to be hurt, that's how you should naturally progress thing but soon that hurt with will become a positive thing once again with time. Heal and prosper.And be yourself

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