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Confused with Work

I'm 25 years old and working. I guess you could say that I'm still figuring out how the work life goes. I graduated a year ago (2019) and worked 3 different jobs since then. I hated my first job because I was underpaid and did not feel like I was appreciated for all the efforts I put in so I resigned. The 2nd job was interesting. I loved it and it was the best time of my life because I get to connect with people from all over the world. We were able to from anywhere at anytime (as long as work is done). I was also able to learn new skills like how to sell, leadership skills, new tech updates in the company and etc. This was all provided from the company. Unfortunately I was laid off due to the covid 19 situation that affected the company's revenue overnight. Sad. The job that I am currently in right now is ok.. just ok. I don't know what I'm doing most of the time but somehow I get my work done and. It just doesn't feel as satisfying as my previous job. I would write 20-30 emails per day from my previous job and it felt like I accomplished something from doing it. Now I mostly stare at my screen, edit websites/contents in 30 mins and I'm done (I'm surprised that it's presentable for my manager). My day is over by lunch time and I can't leave the office early. I know I shouldn't complain because I have less work from my previous job but I don't feel like I'm evolving my knowledge or skills.