Confusing, struggling times.

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So my grandad recently passed away, my family had literally torn themselves in two. Neither sides will speak to the other, even for the funeral planning one side took over and let everyone know through me. I always asked him for his gold signet ring and he said I could have it if anything ever happened. Both sides of the family knew this. Yet all of a sudden the aunt that took over with the funeral is now saying it was promised to her, making out we all had something and she has nothing. She cared for him the most, I get it. While he was alive, she had his car and sold it, we found out she took catalogues out in his name making out hed said it was ok, but towards the end he couldn't know what day it was, he forgot I had a 3 year old daughter, so I dont see how his permission was valid enough, being his carer shed know this. During lockdown he spent the little savings he had, which is crazy, he was as old school as they come. No mobiles, no Internet access, he even ripped his phone line out cause he'd gone deaf. He was on constant oxygen so had to sheild for 6 months. Ive let him down, so much. I didn't calm to see him enough, not near enough. I can blame working full time with a 3 year old but its no excuse. Just doesn't seem real everything that's happening right now.

2020 has a lot to answer for. Sorry for the pitty party. I know there's people out there worse off than me x x