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so I’ve been in this situationship with this guy for about a year and some change , I say situationship because we never really Verbally said we’re a couple . . We don’t speak about how we feel about each other or anything like that .. we’ll just say little shit like “ I’ll beat u and whoever up lol “ now I’m I’m 26 he’s 31 .. we use to have sex A LOT , every night Maybe even twice out the week nights where he would fall asleep but ass naked halfway on the floor lol . . 4 times out the week too lol . now I’m a Scorpio and it’s like for me to like u , I need to know that you LOVE me lol I know it sounds crazy but idk . . I love affection even tho I’m so aggressive .. and once I like u I’m a sex addict and I only want to have sex with the person that I’m dealing with . . We sleep together every night .. see each other every day , go on dates .Buy each other things ( and I don’t care for materialistic things ) So he’s been going through a lot , he’s been stressed and I get it but weeks go by , almost 2 months go by .. no sex .. . . and it’s fucking with me ..It’s making me feel ugly , I mean yea he sweats me , he loves to cuddle and all that good stuff but I Needs mine too , I feel like his stress is starting to become mine and I don’t want that .. there’s been times where I would try and he’ll brush me off and once that happens I’m already over it .. I don’t take rejection well .. not even a little bit I’m sensitive but u would never know it .. after a couple of efforts I completely gave up .. I get out the shower and I already know we’re just gonna lay down and watch tv .. which I don’t mind .. it’s just confusing , especially with not knowing how he feels about me and Idek how I feel about him to be honest .. i kind of got into the situation thinking he was just gonna be somebody I see here and there because I’m nothing like the girls he’s dated in the past or the girl’s he’s into .. so when we first started talking I had this mind set like “ he’s gonna leave don’t love him , don’t get attached . Fuck and GO “ and I think that’s why I’m angry .. not knowing how he feels with the no sex is confusing me .. like is he just comfortable? Is this just for now ? And besides the sex I really don’t have anything to complain about , I guess I just wanna feel secure idk .. Ive talked to guys that use to pour their hearts out before a kiss I’m mad lol . I just need to know what he wants .. how he feels and what the problem is but I’m not asking because I feel like he should know ,, he sees me everyday , he knows when something’s wrong but he never knows why .. i could be fine and sometimes I just think about it and get instantly annoyed .I don’t really like the effort he puts into wanting to know but then again I know he doesn’t care about a lot of shit . I’m not into forcing anything my communication skills are shitty , and it’s because I’m sensitive and yet will punch u in the face at the same time if u hurt my feelings lol ..and then sometimes I say to myself “ he’s not even ur man go fuck someday else “ which is kind of true .. he never said I was his girlfriend but I really don’t wanna go to an old flame because I really just need the vibe back from the beginning .. I feel stuck I like him ... I just can’t put how I feel into words for him , I wanna push him away honestly I would rather just leave him alone then to have sex with somebody else and then lay with him at the end of the night .. but then again I don’t want him to go