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honestly i dont know what happened...but 2019 ans 2020...are my darkest years. back in 2019, me and my boyfriend were about to start senior high school. we were both excited because we were about to start new chapters of our high school life...but at it turns out, it just caused so many differences between us...i still did my best to be this amazing girlfriend for him...helping him on his school works, bring him food...but on november, he broke up with me...from his side he said that he wants me to grow and that he should focus more on himself too...but when i asked some of his classmates...it turns out, he already fallen out of love...and started being clingy with his girl classmates...he also told other people that i was the reason we broke up...because i was "toxic". i got so angry and heartbroken...and now here we are...6 or 7 months later, he now has someone else while im still finding myself...and its been so hard to cope with anything i do alone...i always feel depressed, anxious and overwhelmed...

i hope and pray that things will slowly get better.