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when i was about nine or ten, i was a very curious child. when online, i accidentally ran into media of porn and specifically oral sex. i was confused, and thought that it was something you did with family. my brother was four, and i did it to him, thinking it was perfectly fine. however, after that, i never did it again. i am much older now, and i just realised how wrong i was. i thought it was completely normal. the amount of guilt i feel is unbearable. of course, i had no idea that it was wrong. i was confused. he never told our parents. but i still feel wrong about it and i want to apologize but i'm too scared to even talk to my brother about it. i don't know if this was sexual assault? was it sexual assault if i had no idea what i was doing?

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Re: confusion.

Your article reminds me when i tried to kiss my own mom, practicing "affection" from a kissing scene in a movie. I forced to kiss her and now that im a grown up i know that was so freakin awkward while she tried to stop me and confused how to explain to me, a girl, that it is inappropiate and i was so angry bcs i feel rejected by my own parent and since then i dont want to kiss or hug her anymore.