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confusion ig

girls or boys. or boys and girls. i dont know which i like or even if i like both. ive never had feelings/attractions to girls ever but i always question myself about it almost everyday. ive always had my interest in guys and i dont know why im questioning myself. i may be bicurious but idk. i dream of girls more than boys but i never could imagine myself with one in a relationship. i bet other people that have been in similar situation could help. im just tired of questioning myself call the time

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Re: confusion ig

It's a completely normal to question how you feel. The only thing you can do is act on your curiosity, go and experiment (although, with everything going on in the world it makes it a bit difficult). If you do experiment with someone, then you'll know if you like it or not. Also if you find yourself not enjoying it, that's okay and nothing wrong with it! From my experience i always questioned if i was attracted to girls. I knew i was attracted to guys. However, i found myself not being shy when expressing if i found a girl attractive and i had a desire to get to know them more then just being in a 'friendship'. I was curious so i acted on it, resulting in me realising that i liked both males and females. Personally, i'm not into labels, but if you are that's okay! I just know I'm not limited to one thing.

I'm not sure if this helped

Don’t stress about it so much. You’ll figure it out eventually. Sometimes it can take a while, even years, to figure out your sexuality. If you’re attracted to girls, but you’d never see yourself in a relationship with one, that could still mean you’re bisexual. I have the same problem rn. Try not to worry about it.