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Confusion with relationship

I have a boyfriend who I have been with for 2 and a half years and I am falling for his best friend who I have never met. I’ve seen videos and pictures and I feel like the worst person because I don’t want to hurt the guy I am currently with. If anyone could give me advice or put me in my place lmk!

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Even if you won't meet the guy you should still tell your boyfriend. Not telling someone something and lying are the same thing and you don't want your relationship to be based on a lie. If you really feel you could be with this mystery guy, get his number! If it's meant to be you will know. Again not a professional.

Heya ! Before you decide anything, think about this. You are falling for someone whom you have never met. What is special with that guy that makes you be crazy about him? Is it really worth to put your relationship with a guy whom you had known for more than 2 years, a full stop?

If you have still decided to go for it, the best thing that you have to do is speak out what you truly feel to him. Yes he will be hurt, but this will hurt less than finding this out otherwise. You will also have this feeling of relief that you spoke your heart out.

All the best ! Know why you have decided something and if you truly have decided what you want, never be afraid to express that and own it up!

First I would recommend meeting this guy, it could put you in your place and help you realise your feelings. It is also very important to tell you boyfriend how you are feeling, it won't do anyone any good keeping secrets. The most important thing is communication, without that we are about as smart as a stick with legs. I am not a professional but I thought this would help.

The guy that I have fallen for lives a few states away. I don’t think I will meet him anytime soon. I don’t want to tell my boyfriend and lose him over someone who I won’t ever meet. But I also don’t want to lead him on and still have feeling for the other guy. I feel so dependent on my current boyfriend because we have been together for so long that I am scared to start conflict. He always asks what’s wrong and I make up fake problems to mask the fact that I might have feelings for his best friend. I feel stuck in a corner with no way out

I have this guys Snapchat and other socials but I’m not the type to flirt with him because again I have a boyfriend. The guy I have a crush on is very respectful and texts me as tho I’m a close friend just like he does with my boyfriend ( his best friend) I know if I tell my boyfriend it will ruin our relationship along with my boyfriend and his best friends. I don’t know how the boy feels about me and I honestly want to know because maybe if he said he didn’t I could move on.