Conspiracy theorist and Tinfoil Hats

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most conspiracy theorist living in modern times generally avoid tinfoil, after years of wearing tinfoil hats to protect themselves from RF, EF, EMF, they found that this only increases the frequencies they felt they are assaulted with. 

They now use rectenna hats. These made after conspiracy theorist discovered they could harness free energy from the EF, RF, and EMF they were assaulted with. They began making one of their first rectennas using schematics taken from studies conducted in 1963 at Raytheon, one of the worlds leading military contractors , this was composed of 28 half-wave dipoles, each terminated in a bridge rectifier made from four 1N82G point-contact, semiconductor diodes for operation at 2.45 GHz. A power output of 7 W was produced at 40% efficiency.

Quickly recognizing the hats that could be manufactured from such a antenna were much more fashionable and also could be useful charging their smart devices, cell phones, and also a small blinking light on top of this hat. Soon many were spotted wearing these as they wandered around wondering how the Earth could be flat when they constantly encountered hills and mountains on their hikes, they long ago switched over from the outdated tinfoil hats, yet have never been able to overcome the anxiety these produced after they realized this apparel actually elevated the frequencies they had long ago tried to shield themselves from.

On these absent minded early morning walks, they are able to forage using the light produced from their rectenna hat, often eating grass, tree bark or the mushrooms they find on their Trips.