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Control Your Destiny

i was once a happy go lucky kid. until my dad started to try and take control of my life and who i am without giving me my own freedom. even just a haircut he would get mad at me. even just to see a knee therapist is impossible with my dad. he chained me to this life that i now dont even know what i want to do with myself. dont let this ever happen to you, be it a family member. dont be afraid to cut them off. you have one life but im afraid that mine has just ended. i am not suicidal in a sense that i'll jump off a bridge. but im this kind of suicidal who wishes i catch covid 19 and die from it, or who drives like a maniac with no regards of anyone else, turning when i want to, going when i want to. everyday, i wake up and lie down in bed for an hour, staring at the ceiling feeling so blank that sometimes i wish that i didnt wake up. people say that we are in control about how we react to situations, how we feel about it. but if that negative situation is affecting you day in and out, and every waking day of your life for the past 2 years, you can help but feel overwhelmed by this. tell them to place themselves in your shoes and lets see if they can keep a positive mind about it. i only have 2 options, 1. die 2. run away.