convince me there is hope

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so lockdown in england might be extended again. it’s fine because corona needs to stop spreading so much and will help people in the grand scheme of things. however it’s not fine because so many of us are struggling with our mental health. i’m a first year uni student with most of my flatmates stuck at home. i’ve struggled with mental health for years now and i take antidepressants but the fact that the end in sight keeps getting pushed further and further away makes it hard to envision a future i want to be a part of. like i need convincing that things will get better. is there even any point in anything? in life? the future seems unimaginable right now to me who is someone really struggling to get by. i’m sure many others feel this way. personally, i think i’m heading towards my last straw. i think i’m idealising suicide but i don’t want to die. i just want life as i know it right now to end.


you for reading. i hope whoever reads this is doing okay (: all love <3

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