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Count your blessings

On a tough day, when you know that the world is against you, and nothing is going right, try doing this

make a list.

and put in all the good things that have happened in your life.

see what all you have what other people are deprived of, eyes to see, legs to walk, and so on, now think about the people who wouldn’t have what you have.

their daily struggle or a prayer would jus be, i wish i could have eyes to see, or legs to Walk.

I can empathize with most of the stories here as i was the same person.

then something life changing happened, I lost my legs. And everyday I think, I wasted my life being depressed about something or the other and complain how fucked up my life was.

now in this wheelchair I see the beauty in things, i see how i could be a better person.

and now all those earlier feelings of depression have gone, as i just wish to walk again.... but accept the truth and still appreciate i have eyes to see. Food to eat, I will live happy