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Cousin's advice

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This is the first time I heard one of my cousin's advice and it literally hits me. I realized na for now wag muna magseryoso sa relationship and dapat mas unahin muna ang pamilya since family lang talaga ang laging nandiyan whenever you need anything. Huwag muna papadala sa bugso ng iyong damdamin, it may ruined your life plan. Always think in every aspects of life. Love is always there but think about yourself, how you will be in the future...


He told us about how our state of mind changes while growing up, and that everythings change and we must act, to move forward, to strive hard.

I'm thinking about it now....

I know it was never been love I felt for someone and I must let life go on since wala na siya sa league ko.

I always think about what am I in the future? If I'm not goin' to try my very best what am I in the next few years? Am I goin to regret?

It's quite hard to make decisions since I dunno who am I gonna be...