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Covid-19 relationship strains

My friend of over 5 years is having a birthday party and expected me to come knowing that I live with three people who are old and high risk for covid. Now he is pissed off at me what else can I even say how do you expect me to risk 3 lives over 1 birthday party.

I dropped off his presents at his front door and made sure he knew how much I appreciated his friendship. What was I supposed to do? I feel awful, but I simply can’t go. How will I be 100% in a small home with over 10 people? It’s baffling how someone could care so little about others. How little he could care about me and my family all for this selfish reason.

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Re: Covid-19 relationship strains

You've made the right and safe decision!

I believe because of the current situation of Covid-19, everyone's emotions are heightened. If he doesn't accept or understand why you aren't attending his birthday party, that is on him. Do not let his selfish emotion's affect your mood. You have been the mature person that has given a reasonable explanation and even dropped his presents off, hopefully he appreciates that because i know for sure i would.

Stay safe!

You did the right thing, don't beat yourself up

He should understand the situation

These aren't normal times for anyone anywhere and people should be selfless and think about the others and the people we care about the most..

A birthday isn't worth risking anyone's lives

Take care of yourself