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Covid 19 torture

Since this covid 19 started many things have changed. Im jobless now.. no job no money . when i was doing my job suddenly lockdown started i started to do my work from online it didnt work out well. they cancel my contract i was fine with it. They couldnt pay me well. Now im dependent with my family. I really get worried about myself cuz i never got a permanent job or anything. I am not good at anything ...i have no career path ....i failed in everything ...i feel depress when im alone...😔😔😊i feel like why i am living such a failure life ....i dont know upto how long will i stay alive dont know when i will feel like oh i cant than i guess i will kill myself...

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Re: Covid 19 torture

No you cant think like that look I saw many homeless people getting happy in their life okay just think it like that you must have read in the newspaper that a idk what its say in English wo lod jo kachra uthate hai there was a guy who get admission in aims collage from that field you must be in better condition as compared to him right please live you will get a job try try try okay dw you will have an awosome future just believe me okay