Coworkers/Friends Sometimes Sucks

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So a few nights ago I had an associate meeting at work except I got the time wrong and as I rolled up everyone was leaving. And it was incredibly embarrassing, I almost started crying but they walked up to my car and I didn’t want them to see, I didn’t understand I live ten minutes away, we all have a group chat and a few have my phone number. Someone could’ve just texted me, so I asked why no one texted and some said they thought somebody else did and one said they thought since I had a day off I shouldn’t be bothered. There are so many issues with that because I specifically told them I would see them at the meeting and I had four days off in a row, so it’s not like I was missing out on some sleep or something. What made it worse was the next day I was told they didn’t even notice I wasn’t there because one of my coworkers brought his girlfriend and so they counted the right number of people. Now you’d probably think if there’s a lot of people it’d be hard to keep up but there is only ten people working right now. And so now they’ve been messing with me about getting the time wrong and telling me how they had cupcakes and homemade cookies and it just really hurts cause everyone is pretty much my only friends and some of them feel the same way. So being forgotten really sucks and now I’m dreading and hating going back to work even though it hasn’t been like that in at least a year.