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Crush on my bestie

So um I have a crush on my bestfriend I’ve known them for about a year. They know I like them. We go on and off about dating. He/him is currently dating a guy and I’ve tried everything to get over the crush that I had on him. But it never works cause no matter what it always comes back. I know I need to back off and I am but a part of me Won’t let me. Any advice?

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Re: Crush on my bestie

ahh i’m so sorry ;(( i think i might know how you feel. oh, and make sure you don’t try to make any advances while him and his boyfriend are dating lol. i think that if you are having trouble getting over him, only time will heal. maybe you could get a significant other of your own, and it could take your mind off of your crush? if i were you i would just support his relationship if it makes him happy while still being his friend because my best friend always tells me things that make me smile! ❤️